19 Pre-Owned fuel efficient cars near Erie Pennsylvania

44,900 mi20/30 mpg
44,900 mi20/30 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.0, Fuel Injected TurboShiftable AutomaticAWD#10830

23,372 mi24/36 mpg
23,372 mi24/36 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.5, TurbochargedNot SpecifiedFWD#10877

83,850 mi22/31 mpg
83,850 mi22/31 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.0, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticAWD#10847

26,812 mi22/32 mpg
26,812 mi22/32 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.4, Fuel InjectedShiftable AutomaticFWD#10891

66,235 mi22/34 mpg
66,235 mi22/34 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.5, Sequential-Port F.I.Shiftable AutomaticFWD#10868

12,427 mi22/33 mpg
12,427 mi22/33 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.0, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticFWD#10835

46,551 mi29/37 mpg
46,551 mi29/37 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.8, Sequential-Port F.I.CVTFWD#10821

16,718 mi44/47 mpg
16,718 mi44/47 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.5, Sequential-Port F.I.CVTFWD#10775

44 MPG city and 47 MPG Highway you will SAVE thousands every year passing the pump. Plus, look at the style of this affordable car! Make your paycheck go further as you drive further on each tank of gas.

49,422 mi25/36 mpg
49,422 mi25/36 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.5, Fuel InjectedNot SpecifiedFWD#10909

37,927 mi35/39 mpg
37,927 mi35/39 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.4, Sequential-Port F.I.Shiftable AutomaticFWD#10872

74,392 mi24/31 mpg
74,392 mi24/31 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.5, Sequential-Port F.I.Shiftable AutomaticFWD#10845

27,613 mi22/30 mpg
27,613 mi22/30 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.6, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticAWD#10900

27,766 mi22/30 mpg
27,766 mi22/30 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.6, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticAWD#18T159A

74,571 mi22/30 mpg
74,571 mi22/30 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.6, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticAWD#17T006B1

56,897 mi22/33 mpg
56,897 mi22/33 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.0, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticFWD#10884

14,516 mi21/31 mpg
14,516 mi21/31 mpg6 Cylinder, 3.5, Fuel Injected6-Speed AutomaticFWD#10777

These beauties don't come along too often. Your search is over! We have it, but it won't last long. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That is the correct mileage! With mileage this low, you'll have lots of years worth of worry free driving.

50,415 mi23/36 mpg
50,415 mi23/36 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.6, TurbochargedNot SpecifiedFWD#17T106A

63,855 mi25/33 mpg
63,855 mi25/33 mpg4 Cylinder, 2.0, Sequential-Port F.I.CVTAWD#10783

24,287 mi23/34 mpg
24,287 mi23/34 mpg4 Cylinder, 1.5, TurbochargedShiftable AutomaticFWD#10829

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